General Hypnotherapy

Driving test anxiety – I saw Louise because I was really scared about my upcoming driving test, in fact I was so anxious I’d even been having nightmares about it. Louise suggested 2 sessions, with one of them being the night before or day of my test and, right from the first session, I found my attitude towards the test had changed completely! I felt so much calmer and relaxed, more than I ever thought possible. (Gemma, Cleckheaton)

Driving test anxiety – Right from the first session , I had way more confidence in my driving ability and surprisingly I even looked forward to the test; not many people can say that I’m sure!  I hadn’t told my driving instructor that I’d had hypnotherapy, but when she noticed the sudden change, I spilt the beans! Thanks so much to Andrew and Louise who both helped me pass my test, I couldn’t have done it without them. (Tara, Holmfirth)

Body image – I came to Mirfield Hypnotherapy Centre for help to lose weight but was told they were concerned because I seemed a healthy size. They asked me to get permission from my GP, but my GP refused, however, she did suggest that hypnotherapy might help me with my body image, so I went back to them and asked them about that instead. They suggested 3-4 sessions to start with and after just 2 sessions I started noticing small changes like feeling “ok” with some parts of my body. In the past I used to cry when I looked in the mirror, so even feeling “ok” was huge progress. That was 3 months ago and I’m still continuing to see changes and I’m even finding things now that I like about myself. I think it will take some more time yet before I’m really happy with myself, but I’ve got so far in such a short space of time and couldn’t be happier. (Sophie, Holmfirth)

Noise sensitivity – I had been a teacher for nearly 20 years, but recently gave up because I was finding the classroom noise too distressing. I couldn’t really put my finger on it, hearing the noise just made me feel so helpless, anxious and enraged. I knew it wasn’t their fault, but over time it ground me down and I ended up long term sick with stress and anxiety caused by the noise sensitivity. It was a chance encounter with a doctor friend who suggested hypnotherapy might help and he suggested Mirfield Hypnotherapy Centre as he’d sent some patients there and they’d had good results. Long story short, I am 1000% better and I even have a new job now, it’s only a supermarket job but I’m happier than ever! (Stacey, Mirfield)

Anger management – I’d been an angry person for as long as I’d known and I never thought I’d change but Andrew helped me realise I didn’t always have to be like that. Thanks again for all your help Andrew. (Ben, Dewsbury).

Career enhancement – I came to Mirfield Hypnotherapy for help with improving my career because, although I loved my job, some aspects of it were causing me a lot of stress and it was holding me back from getting out of my comfort zone. I had my last session 2 months ago and already people are mentioning that I’m achieving so much more and I recently got a promotion too so I’m more than happy with my treatment. (Helen, York)

Smoking Cessation

It’s been 7 months now since you helped me to quit smoking and I can honestly say it was the best thing I ever did. If you’re thinking about using MHC to stop smoking I can highly recommend them and if you want to talk to me about it, I’m happy for MHC to give you my email.  I’m telling everyone about you. (Marya, Dewsbury)

Student Success

I started uni in September 2014 and was finding the transition really difficult. I felt like I was sinking academically, I was struggling to make friends and I was so homesick I couldn’t focus on what was going on in class. A tutor mentioned that they had used hypnotherapy and that Mirfield had a Student Success programme which looked really interesting. I came in for a consultation the next day and signed up straight away, I was pleased to get a student discount too (how thoughtful!). Within a couple of sessions, I’d made loads more friends and was concentrating better in class. I have exams coming up soon and I know already that I wouldn’t have got this far if I hadn’t have had the hypnotherapy so thanks so much Louise & Andrew.  (Kelly, Huddersfield)


Hypnoslimmer – I don’t even know where to start because my life has changed so much sonce I did your Hypnoslimmer programme. I’ve now lost 4 stone and my relationship with food has changed completely. I have my life back and I can’t thank you enough! (Lesley, Batley)

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