Prices depend on length and type of treatment, which is recommended at your initial FREE consultation. Whatever price we quote though, it’s a small price to gain control of your life!


GP Referral
-10% off any treatment programme* -10% off any treatment programme*
* With signed doctor referral form *Bring valid NUS or dated school/college ID card

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Common Services

If you don’t see your unwanted behaviour, or other requirement in this list, do get in touch as, chances are , we can help you!

Fears and phobias [more] Anxiety and panic attacks [more] Confidence and self esteem [more]
Stress management [more] Smoking cessation [more] Nail biting
Weight control [more] Academic enhancement [more] Depression [more]
Fertility [more] Hypnobirthing [more] Irritable Bowel Syndrome [more]
Migraines Anger management Being positive
Insomnia Sea sickness Pain management
Selective food intake Driving or driving test anxiety And more!

Popular Treatment Programmes

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