Hypnotherapy for fertility

If you’re visiting this page then, chances are, you’ve been diagnosed with a condition affecting your fertility, you suspect you may have one, or you may have undergone medical testing and been told there is no obvious reason why you haven’t conceived yet. You’re possibly feeling a range of emotions, from confusion and panic, to anger and sadness, but we’d like you to know that hypnotherapy may be able to help.

If you’d like to have a baby and nothing is happening despite your best efforts, then it’s time to do something different.

Hypnotherapy (hypno-fertility) can help you conceive safely and naturally.

Who is hypno-fertility suitable for?

You may be suitable for our hypnotherapy fertility program if:

  • You have undergone medical testing and been told that your infertility is unexplained
  • You are undergoing medical testing for infertility
  • You believe you may have fertility issues and you want to use hypnotherapy before any other form of treatment (though we do advise you see your doctor anyway)
  • Male or female fertility

If there is a clear medical reason why you are infertile (e.g., endometriosis), we may be able to help alleviate symptoms, but you would not be an ideal candidate for our hypno-fertility program. We can discuss this with you on a case-by-case basis, just contact us to set up an initial appointment.

What is it?

sxcpreg-webHypnotherapy for fertility aims to help you conceive by bringing about the best conditions possible for you to conceive a baby naturally. One key factor in unexplained fertility is simply being too stressed; we can show you methods to reduce your stress levels, thus improving your chances of conceiving naturally. We will also work with you and your partner to boost your chances of conceiving, by using both hypnotic and non-hypnotic methods, which we will explain to you during your initial consultation.

How is the programme delivered?

The program is usually delivered over 2-3 sessions. We will discuss your programme with you at your initial consultation.

A final note…

Whilst we cannot guarantee success, in the same way that a medical doctor cannot guarantee success, we can guarantee that we do our best to help you conceive safely, naturally and when the time is right.

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