Hypnotherapy For Driving Test Anxiety


We would expect very few people look forward to their driving test, but some people find anticipation of the test is just as bad as (or worse) than the test itself. Even thinking about an upcoming test can lead to feelings of acute stress, such as shaking and nausea, and these feelings can become more intense as stress builds up in the lead-up to test day.

If you’re a good driver, but affected by driving test anxiety, do get in touch as we can, most likely, help you.

Common Signs Of Driving Test Anxiety

Common signs of driving test anxiety:

  • Tummy upset or butterflies
  • Shaky hands
  • Dry mouth
  • Forgetfulness or a blank mind
  • Increasing anxiety on lead up to test
  • Worrying about how you’ll interpret the examiner’s directions
  • Putting yourself under pressure because friends or siblings passed first time
  • Pressure from family and friends eagerly awaiting news of your test result
  • Poor decision making

Why Some People Get Driving Test Anxiety

People get driving test anxiety for many reasons, but the main reasons we encounter in our hypnotherapy work are related to:

  • Lack of confidence in test situations, or general lack of confidence
  • General tendency towards perfectionist behaviours
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of loss of control
  • Fear of making a bad decision
  • Fear of loss of reputation
  • Judging self-worth based on test performance

Overcoming Driving Test Anxiety

Driving test anxiety is often caused by the way you think about the upcoming test. For example, people who would generally be considered positive tend to focus on a more positive outcome, maybe even imagining in-depth what they’re going to do once they pass their test etc. However, people who would generally be considered negative thinkers, tend to focus on a more negative outcome and things going wrong during their test. Experience tells us that common worries are misunderstanding the examiner and making a mistake or poor decision.

The way that you think about the test can be changed in a number of ways, but hypnotherapy is a proven, quick method of reducing driving text anxiety in people who are normally not overly anxious.

Hypnotherapy can help you view the driving test differently and help you focus on a more positive outcome.

General Driving Test Tips

No driving test anxiety page would be complete without a few practical hints and tips about passing your driving test, so here’s Mirfield Hypnotherapy Centre’s top tips.

  • Remember that the examiner wants to pass you, you just need to give them a reason to pass you.
  • Be positive.
  • Dress comfortably – make sure you can move around freely, without having to adjust your clothing.
  • Repeat to yourself trigger words or phrases which help you relax, for example, “calm and peaceful”, “tranquil and relaxed” etc.
  • Eat a good breakfast, to feed your brain and body and help you think more clearly.
  • Relax before your test by taking some slow, deep breaths. Relieve any tension by gently tensing and relaxing affected muscles.
  • Give the examiner a good overall impression of you as a driver by driving smoothly and considerately.
  • Listen carefully to the examiners directions and remember that you can ask them to repeat an instruction if needed.
  • If you’re carrying out a manoeuvre and you think it’s not going well, go back to the start position and re-do it.

Can We Help You?

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