Hypnosis Myth #2

Myth 2: Hypnotised people will do anything you tell them to Usually, people will not do anything under hypnosis that they would not normally do out of hypnosis. The reason for that is because hypnotised people remain in touch with their morals, so can control their behaviour - if they wish to do so! Stage hypnotists rely on audience members being "up for a laugh" when they choose people in the audience. Such hypnotists will scan the audience and use suggestibility tests, such as sticking … [Read more...]

Hypnosis Myth #1

Myth 1: Hypnosis is sleep Although people who are hypnotised look as though they're sleeping, they're not actually asleep. Whilst it's true that their eyes are shut and they look like they're resting peacefully, the brainwaves of somebody who is asleep are actually very different to somebody who is hypnotised. In fact, hypnosis is actually the opposite of sleep; it's a heightened state of focus or concentration. Sleep is defined by our brainwaves, so this difference that I'm referring to is … [Read more...]

What happens when I tell people I’m a hypnotherapist

How it generally "goes down" It's "funny" when I tell people I'm a clinical hypnotherapist, because I can see I've got their attention and interest. After a few seconds of silence, I generally get one of three responses and they generally go like this... Oh great! You can cure my fear of spiders - *gets diary out* Ooooooh, I bet you can't stick my hand to the table! - *cue, eye roll* Oh have you heard about Jimmy down the road who went to see a hypnotist at the Club and he still … [Read more...]

We’re re-launching!

confidence rocket is re-launching!

Our popular, hypnosis-based confidence-building programme is currently being re-developed and will be re-launching shortly. In the meantime, please ask us for more information. … [Read more...]

Fear or Phobia of Hospitals or Small Spaces?


I had an MRI scan yesterday, and as I was laid there in that teeny weeny machine, a few things popped into my head. Number 1 being that I'm glad I've reduced my size by nearly 50 pounds lately, otherwise I wouldn't have fit in (thanks Hypnoslimmer!). And number 2...if you don't like hospitals, small spaces, needles or having a total lack of control...you would have found the experience quite traumatic! But, did you know that hypnotherapy can really help with things like this? If you have a … [Read more...]