Be more confident – with Confidence Rocket

Please note that we are currently re-developing our popular Confidence Rocket programme and will be re-launching the programme very shortly. The information in this page is still largely correct, but will be updated when we’re ready to release some more information about the new, improved version.

Use the power of your own mind to fix your own troubles. Safely, naturally and easily.

confidence rocket sliderCan you imagine what it is like to confidently handle life’s stresses and strains, knowing that you’re calm, in control and able to do just whatever you’d like to do?

You can…with Confidence Rocket!

What is it?

4 hypnotherapy sessions, designed to help you:

  • Feel more confident
  • Trust in your own abilities
  • Understand your strengths
  • Feel happier in your own skin
  • Believe you can succeed


What do I get?

  •  Half hour initial consultation
  • 4 one hour sessions with hypnotherapist of your choice
  • Back up material, full of helpful hints and tips
  • Free back up CD, to reinforce treatment between sessions
  • Confidence*! And who can put a price on that?

Why you should choose us

We have used hypnotherapy ourselves to improve our own confidence, so not only do we think we understand how you might be feeling, we also know how to help you overcome it. In short, we think we know what works and what doesn’t work. We promise that we will do our best to help you succeed with the programme!

If you’re a small business owner, please check our Confidence Rocket for Business (THIS PROGRAMME IS TEMPORARILY ON HOLD).

Book now…and start living the life you want!



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*Whilst we cannot guarantee results to your satisfaction, we can certainly guarantee that we will do our best to help you achieve the outcome you desire. However, you must be willing to work with us, to help you get the best out of YOU.