About Us

comfortable surroundingsMirfield Hypnotherapy Centre was established by Louise & Andrew Franks. Both Louise and Andrew have used hypnotherapy to help with a number of issues, ranging from anxiety and noise sensitivity, to insomnia, sea-sickness and weight management. They’ve seen great results both personally and from their clients, who work as hard as they do to bring about positive changes in their own lives.

Proud to be Different

Mirfield Hypnotherapy Centre are proud to do things a little bit differently to most hypnotherapists, which is why you’ll find that they offer:

  • a limited number of appointment slots, so that we can focus on you and give you the time you need
  • your choice of a male/female hypnotherapist, on request
  • ongoing support by text message or email for up to 3 months after your last session*.
  • daytime, evening and weekend appointments, because we know that not everyone works office hours
  • our Confidence Rocket clients receive a certificate of completion for your professional development portfolio

Our treatment room is cosy and inviting and we’re sure that you will enjoy your wonderful, hypnotic experience with us. If you’re interested in choosing Mirfield Hypnotherapy Centre, please book a FREE consultation now.


(Clinical Hypnotherapist – Dip.Hyp, GQHP, Dip.HS, Dip.CH)

Originally a nurse, Louise is passionate about helping people overcome life’s obstacles in order to maximise their happiness potential.

Louise is trained by Innervisions School of Clinical Hypnosis, has completed many hours of clinical hypnotherapy practice and is Hypnobirthing and EFT trained (Emotional Freedom Technique). Louise developed our popular Confidence Rocket and Student Success programmes and is keen to help you overcome other obstacles in your life. With Louise’s passion for results, you can be confident that she’ll put in as much effort as you to turn your life around.

In her spare time, Louise does voluntary work for Hypno 4 Heroes and her GP Practice. She also enjoys drawing, creating digital art, web design, photography, travelling, visiting art galleries and visiting museums.


(Clinical Hypnotherapist – Dip.Hyp, GQHP)

Andrew is warm, compassionate and empathetic in nature; his confidentiality and professionalism are always guaranteed.

Andrew is a highly motivated¬† Hypnotherapist¬† trained by Innervisions School of Clinical Hypnosis – one of the UK’s leading hypnotherapy training schools. He has successfully completed many hours of clinical practice, including EFT and hypnobirthing, so that you can be confident that Andrew is passionate about achieving the right results for YOU.

In his spare time, Andrew enjoys walking and spending time in the countryside. He also enjoys swimming, travelling, looking after his pet cats and spending time with his wife, Louise.


*Excludes Hypnoslimmer, as this is purchased as part of the Gold package