Tips For Moderating Eating #3

foodHere at Mirfield Hypnotherapy Centre, we feel passionate about selling the virtues of hypnotherapy for weight reduction. Why? Because we’ve both used the system to achieve a healthier weight and size. And, although we both have a way to go yet, we’ve picked up some helpful hints and tips to help you get the most out of your hypnotherapy-based weight reduction system (e.g Hypnoslimmer).

Today, we’re sharing a top tip that many people underestimate when embarking upon or following a weight/size reduction programme. Our top tip is eat only until you’re satisfied.

How/Why It Works

  1. Eating more calories than you need creates a calories excess, which leads to weight gain.
  2. Eating more than you need can cause some people to give up with their weight reduction efforts as they feel they’ve “blown it”.
  3. Eating less than you need will probably just drive you to carry out food-seeking behaviours – and if you’re really hungry, you’re more likely to seek out calorie dense foods.

How Hypnotherapy Can Help

Using a variety of hypnosis techniques, we can help you feel more at peace with eating just enough to sustain you. Using hypnosis to make lifestyle changes helps those changes seem more natural, making you more likely to continue them in the long term.

Want To Know More?

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